Authors Online

Authors published through Campanile Books are available for telephone, video or online conversations with Book Groups. Tell us what you’re reading, the size of your book group, and when you’d like to have a conversation with the author. Campanile would love to be part of your book group discussion! Email Linda Marus at


Mans Brookston: Velocity Math

Edward Salinas 
Autumn Truth: A Memoir of Sarajevo

Ned Hayes: Sinful Folk

Thomas SingeThe Hope Road


Mary Tuchman: Learning Love: A Theological Memoir

Joy Ramsey: The Carousel Horse

Oliver Zoëtries: White Blindness

Henry Merganthaler: Pain Mountain

Fr. Peter Casper: The Bent Path

Denise Ryall Summer Gone: A Romance of Letters & Guard My Heart

Carole Manning: My Woman’s Heart

Jillian Mereford: Meeting Halfway

Gene Smith

Emerald: A History of Seattle
Rose: A History of Portland