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Mans Brookston (born September 7, 1967 in South Africa) is an American author of thriller, science-fiction and graphic novels. Brookston was born in Capetown, South Africa, but now considers himself an American writer.

Brookston’s “post-cyberpunk” fiction has been favorably compared to Thomas Pynchon and to William Gibson. He lives in an undisclosed location in the state of Oregon. And sometimes New York.

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Steven Hendricks

Hendricks1 MedBWADJ

Steven Hendricks live in Olympia, Washington with his wife, Carin, and two kids, Elinor and Malcolm.

He teaches writing, literature, and book arts at The Evergreen State College, where disciplines are fused in full-time programs taught by small teams of professors.

He studied writing and book arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I also worked at the Columbia College Center for the Book and Paper Arts.

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Christian Carvajal

Christian Carvajal is an author, director, actor, and columnist based in northwestern Washington state. He’s also the restless mind behind Carv’s ThinkyWorks, a content factory for print and web-based media. He specializes in product reviews, corporate videos, and other narrowcast marketing communications.

“Carv” added an MFA in Directing to his BA in Communications and BS in Math for Secondary Education, then moved to Los Angeles to work in the film and television business. He started as an extra, but studied directing and screenwriting while working as an assistant at Warner Bros. Christian Carvajal Author Blog >>

Ned Hayes

Author10-BW-NedHayesNed Hayes is the author of the nationwide bestseller The Eagle Tree. He is also the author of the novel Coeur d’Alene Waters and the new historical novel Sinful Folk, a novel set in the 14th century. 

Hayes is a journalist and writer whose work has appeared broadly in magazines, literary journals, and anthology collections. Hayes regularly speaks and teaches at universities in the Pacific Northwest. Born in China, he grew up bi-lingually, speaking both Mandarin and English. He lives with his family in Olympia, Washington.

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Henry Merganthaler

Author4-BW-HenryMerganthalerHenry Merganthaler (born June 20, 1924) is an American novelist, short story writer, essayist, critic, and former philosophy professor. He has written four novels, two collections of short stories, a collection of novellas, and six volumes of essays.







Thomas Singe

Author16-BW-CarlFeddenThomas Singe is a community-builder, lecturer and writer. He is a lay member of the Episcopal Diaconate. Thomas Singe formerly studied to become a Catholic priest.

His novel Hope Road was published in 2016.







Edward Salinas

Edward Salinas grew up as the son of evangelical missionaries in Niger, and has made a specialty out of cultural and international reporting for a variety of publications around the world.

Salinas has worked with and reported on with a variety of cultures, including a residency in Transylvania, Peace Corps work in Sarajevo and travels across Laos, northern India, the interior of Khuzestan and months of reporting on nomadic camel-herders in the Sahara.

Salinas currently resides with his wife and three children in Boston.

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