Bitter-BloodChip Rawson of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department, has been hiding his whole life. He’s scratched the back of every politician, and kept his head down during the mining labor war of the 1970s. After an abortive and corrupt run for sheriff, capped off by a drunken accident, Chip gave up caring about politics in the County.


Yet when the dismembered body of the police chaplain is found in a bathroom at the swanky Hayden Lake Resort, Chip is picked by the sheriff to find the culprit. Quickly Chip finds that his assignment was for show – he was supposed to bury this case, and with it, all the sordid complications it might cause in the upcoming election. Yet Chip, despite his wasted life, perseveres in his investigation.


Chip ends up on a collision course with political players in Kootenai County, as he comes ever closer to unearthing the buried truth of what happened in Kootenai, all those years ago.


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