Bent-PathDaniel Powers is a handsome twenty-two-year-old college athlete, on his way to the big time. But his life changes in a heartbeat when a horrific car accident takes the life of his best friend and leaves him badly injured. With physical injuries that are so severely disabling that his dream of being a professional athlete is all but extinguished, he begins to spiral into emotional turmoil.

At this lowest point, Daniel meets a woman he would have never looked at in his previous life: the unusual and darkly humorous J. Greshman (she prefers J over her given name). In a story that skips between dramatic moments of insight and tender times of connection, The Bent Road demonstrates how true love doesn’t always follow that straight path.


Daniel rises from the depths of depression at the hands of J. proves to be heartwarming and inspiring. Yet the tables turn when J. ends up fighting for her own life, and Daniel discovers the depths of compassion and perseverance he has inside. The drama, despair, romance, and Daniel’s inspiring ascension make this enchanting novel by Peter Casper a breakthrough success.