Campanile Acquires Lightfall, by Christian Carvajal

lightfallCampanile Books is privileged to acquire the rights to Christian Carvajal’s apocalyptic novel LIGHTFALL. This supernatural satire was originally published by Fear Nought Publishing in 2009, to great acclaim and strong reviews.

In Sugar Roses, Oklahoma, events tumble rapidly toward the End of the World. We’re introduced to a cross-section of this fervently Baptist college town as it struggles to comprehend a series of supernatural phenomena: roadkill returned to life, a little girl who speaks classical Greek, an ominous shortwave signal, and a demonic voice that calls itself the Megatron. No less foreboding is the news from around the world, in which Christian fundamentalists and Muslim terrorists alike seem hellbent on hastening the Apocalypse. Who or what caused these mysterious events? And if they do presage the foretold Rapture, what on earth–or beyond–will come after? Lightfall is a secular, satirical thrill ride, in which all humanity’s glories and vanities can be seen in one lyrical, hypocritical microcosm. The Lightfall is coming…

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Author: Linda Marus

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