Christopher Matson Named Editorial Director of Campanile Books

Sept 20, 2013 – Prospero Publishing in association with the Campanile Group today announced that Christopher Matson, has been named Editorial Director of Campanile Books. In this position, he will serve as Editor-in-Chief for both the Campanile line of contemporary books as well as directing a revitalized reprints initiative for Campanile Press. His new role is effective immediately.

“I’m pleased to announce that Christopher Matson is now the Editorial Director of Campanile Books,” said publisher Janice Stimford. “Matson has worked with a great variety of authors, from regional hits to international bestsellers.”

Mr. Matson’s fourteen-year career in publishing has taken him from Crown and Rodale to Kensington and now to his current role as Editorial Director for Campanile Books. Matson has worked with a great variety of authors, ranging from textbook writers and ghostwriters to regional writers like Joyce Keller, Peter Casper, Martha Wells and international bestselling writers such as Oliver Zoëtries, Raus Steilacoom, and Henry Mergenthaler.

“The opportunity to bring a classic imprint into the digital age is a great challenge and opportunity. Campanile’s venerable brand is a legacy, and it is a distinct honor to join the Campanile Books team,” said Miller. “I look forward to working closely with the excellent editorial staff.”

Announcing the change to staff, Stimford noted that the hiring of Matson brings Campanile Books to a full complement of editors and staffing. Matson’s new role dovetails with the impending finalization of two digital platform product releases to support new publishing initiatives.


ABOUT CAMPANILE BOOKS. Campanile Books is a literary imprint that resurrects the spirit of Campanile Press, a leading press in the 1900s. For more than 100 years, Campanile was known for literature of regional interest and literary merit. Today, our talented editorial staff is committed to the resurrection of this storied imprint in the new digital world of multi-format and responsive publishing. Campanile Books publishes contemporary fiction, historical mysteries and international reprints of classic works. We invite you to join us as we resurrect this classic reprint for the digital age and the 21st century. Visit

Author: Linda Marus

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