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Rules to Enter

Campanile Press is giving away one new Kindle Voyage* for the holidays! This is Amazon’s new “shockingly good” e-book reader. All you have to do is write and publish one online review and send it to us in the form below by DECEMBER 15.

Campanile Press has picked four of our best performing books, Sinful Folk, Hope Road, Coeur d’Alene Waters and Velocity Math, along with one newly acquired book — Lightfall by Christian Carvajal — and provided links above to the review pages.

Write a posted online review for any of these books — great, good, bad, ugly — send us the link, and we’ll enter you into the Giveaway Contest for a new Kindle Voyage* from Amazon*, which will be mailed on December 15 for arrival before the winter holidays in the United States. (Yes, this contest is limited to residents of the United States.) Legal Details below.


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* The Campanile Press contest is sponsored by Campanile Books LLC. The contest is not sponsored or endorsed by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any other United States corporation that may be referenced or named as “examples” of potential “review websites” in the contest promotional materials. Note that these websites serve merely as examples, but contest entries are not limited to these websites. 

The contest is limited to residents of the United States only. The contest is void where prohibited. No purchase is required for entry — if you’d like to write a review for a book from Campanile Press, and do not already have a copy of one of our books, drop us a line at and we’ll send a free e-book to you of your choice.

The Campanile Review Contest requires no purchase of Campanile products; runs from November 17 to December 15; is open for eligible readers who are residents of the United States and 18 years of age or older; requires the submission of a written review (online posting only); is limited to one entry per book and four entries per household; the odds of winning are contigent on the number of entries. Note that any published review on any publicly accessible website, written in English, submitted via the Campanile Press form, constitutes an “entry” in the contest. No editorial review of any kind takes place for the contest entries, and the text is considered a token for entry, and are not judged or evaluated for content in any way.
All reviews must be posted under the same name you provide to us, and must be new for this contest. A review sent to us in the form above serves as a contest entry: no judgement of content or validity of review will be undertaken by any panel of judges. Any contest entry submitted below in English are considered valid entries.
A single winner is selected by a certified third party accountant in the state of New York for Campanile Books LLC. A winner will be notified via email. If email is not responded to within one week, then a second winner will be selected. Only United States residents are eligible for this contest: the prize will be mailed only to a United States address. Entries from outside the United States are ineligible for entry into the contest, and will be discarded upon receipt.
Tax liability is incurred upon receipt of a “prize” and the value of a Kindle Voyage will be reported as taxable income to the United States IRS.

This Contest is sponsored by Campanile Books Suite N-242 244 5th Avenue New York, N.Y. 10001

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