Velocity-MathThe true heir to Philip K. Dick.” (Vandiss Burke)

Mans Brookston’s novel Velocity Math is “Brilliantly written… a joy to read… Velocity Math is a breakthrough story that brings a dark surrealistic edge back to contemporary fiction.”  (Michael Derdan)
In New York City in the fall of 2001, in the lull between the collapse of the dot-com boom and the terrible events of September 11th, something unusual is happening. Wracked by old memories and strange portents, an old man recalls what led to the formation of the NSA. Somewhere, buried in his skull, is the truth of how the World Trade Center was built. What he knows just might be explosive, and as he is chased across a draconian American landscape, his memories of Indochina CIA work, hidden South American alliances and extraordinary encounters in Prague began to overwhelm his consciousness. Aimed directly at the contemporary zeitgeist, Velocity Math is a masterwork of paranoia and conspiracy, reminiscent of the best of Thomas Pynchon and Phillip K. Dick.


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